Benefits of Support

Exby Support was formed as a new part of the company to support our clients in the services of Exby and Exby Studios. Below are articles of services for which we can help you, if you notice your type of problem, contact us by email: [email protected]

Fast Respond

Respond from employees within 24h

00-24 Support

Support works 24/7

Auto Reply

Automatically receive your request-converted message and receive a response within 24 hours


Check Articles

These are items you can get Support for

Web Support

If your website stops working, we will support you

Desktop Support

If the Desktop Application has bugs, bad codes contact us

Android Support

Problems with the Android Application can be common, if you have problems with the same Contact us

Software Support

If Your Software Has Mistakes, Bad Work. You have the opportunity to contact Support

Marketing Support

Your Ad has Low Quality, or you don't like it, You can contact Support

Design Support

Designers often make mistakes, if you notice a mistake, Contact Support


Contact Support

Contact support by email: [email protected]


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Call Us

+387 51 245 0253
+387 51 435 0135

Working Hours

Mon - Sun: 00-24

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