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Exby Studios, one of the most impressive and modern emission studio complexes in Europe, is a division of the exby Group the largest media and entertainment conglomerate in Southeast Europe. The studio complex design was inspired by European and international film studio complexes.

Newly opened Company

We have a trained and professional team of more than 6 people who are responsible for the quality and professionalism of our services.

New equipment

We have all kinds of modern technological livestreaming equipment

Fast and efficient installation of studios

We install studies for the transmission of shows and all other TV programs very quickly and efficiently

Livestream 100%
Radio Stream90%
Studio Stream75%
Studio Setup 80%
Emmision Record90%
News Record 55%



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Hard Workers


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Services of Exby Studios


Livestream term means recording important live events (shows, matches ...)

Radio Broadcast

Radio Broadcast is a Radio Station that has an original selection of music for your business

Studio Setup

Studio Recording is the recording of intelligence shows such as a diary

Studio Record

Studio Setup involves setting up and editing a studio for shows

Show Record

Recording all types Emmisions (Natural, Religion, Quiz...)

News Record

Live news recording Every Night

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Sunday: 9AM to 1PM

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